19 June 2012 - New layout!

I have designers block and I am mostly playing around.

I am two thirds done with my BSc and have a plan to get certified as a teacher afterward. Been struggling with depression for the past year or so. Still have no idea what to do about this website.


28 March 2010 - New layout!

For the record, I don't like the banner, but I needed to get away from the girly purple for a while! Since it's spring time you get green:)

University decided we were lazy and gave us the semester from hell. It's been non-stop homework and other things for the past 2 months. Now we have a 10 day break and it is heaven! Soon exams start, yikes.

I have however tried some lunch muffin recipes that I am going to put up, probably under interests. I am always looking for healthy, easy alternatives to the traditional norwegian lunch and I have found a banana muffin I really like:) I'll also be posting my pizza dough recipe and other things I come across.


18 January 2010 - Man, I am slow at updating

The second semester of university just started. I learned a lot last fall but sadly not enough to get impressive grades. I am overwhelmed of how much you are suppose to learn and understand in just 12 weeks! Last semester I had 2 math classes, 1 physics class and one programming class. This semester I have 3 math classes and 1 physics class. They seem very theoretical and I am going to struggle with them. I will be retaking some exams in May/June as well, this will be a busy spring!

As a reward for my hard work we have tickets to visit Seattle in June! 5 weeks in the sun will be lovely:)

One of the reasons I haven't updated much in the last 6 months is that I don't know what to update. My life has become very dull after I turned 20. Married life, housework and now homework is taking up my time. I am hoping to make a new layout though. The current one is a bit too girly!


20 July 2009 - School

I was accepted for my Physics study at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology:D I start math refeshing classes on August 3rd and the inmatriculation ceremony is the following week.

After digging in some old files I found my writings about my high school exchange year. It is now almost 5 years since I went, wow! Parts of it is ready for the public and you can view it here.


16 July 2009 - Pictures for you

I have 4 albums online from my Interrail trip to Amsterdam, Paris, Disneyland and Prague, as well as the national scout jamboree. Below is the scout jamboree, click on the photoalbum link in the banner to see the rest. The slideshow below does not include the captions for the pictures, but they will show up in the actual photo album.



21 June 2009 - Happy summer solistice

Life is eventful right now, as you might see from the lack of effort I've put into this the last two months. I had a great two week trip to Amsterdam, Disneyland, Paris and Prague in the beginning of May and are now in full planning mode for me and my husband's move south for university. Summer isn't really the time to sit inside and make websites, it will be interesting to see how well I manage to follow that.

Still working on adding files to my server. If things look wonky that is why.


23 april 2009 - Hello world, it's been a while.

I pulled down my first home page years ago for maintenance, and it somehow never made it back to the interwebs. I am not sure what that says about me - that I was busy or lazy? Anyways, I finally got an idea to run with, so here I am. But as I was making it I realized I don't have much to put on my site yet. I hope as time goes by I can write things relating to my university study. Maybe I'll pick up blogging, there are enough things making me angry about the world so that shouldn't be a problem.