One of my biggest dreams came true when I in fall 2004 left for my exchange year in Lynnwood outside of Seattle, USA. Here you'll find pictures and memorable stories from the best year of my life.

:: January -> August - Preparing and stuff
:: August -> September - Arriving and settling in
:: October -> December - Trying absolutely everything
:: January -> March - Feeling more like a resident
:: April -> May - Travelling the USA
:: June -> July - Graduating and saying goodbye

:: My big list of firsts
:: Picture gallery

For years I've wanted to do a high school exchange. My uncle who did the same (and later married and now lives in the US) said I should come over and live with him. And when I was about 9 I decided that yes, I was going to do that. As I grew older I started doing reasearch but discovered after a while that living with my uncle could be problematic. I also came nowhere moneywise and I was very sad when I decided it was probably never going to happend. In November 2003 my uncle came to Norway for a quick visit and we touched the subject again, and I decided - I really wat to do this! A little late, but I started researching again and found an organization - Aspect - that would place me with my family. 2 weeks before the paperwork deadline I was officially accepted.